Our team comprising of healthcare product development specialists and financial experts, are expertized on nanocarrier production for nano drug delivery platform. We have expertise in developing technology for product development for printers, routers and embedded boards.
Team holds decades of experience related to Banking and financial Services and in technology development for controlled release using nano drug delivery platform of targeted delivery, bioactive materials from natural resources, embedded, wireless and networking.


Our company continuously innovates on healthcare applications platform at macro and nano levels. Nano drug delivery system is the state of the art technology for controlled drug release which Palms Connect LLC is an expert in this platform. The nanocarrier industry is valued at tens of billions of dollars and growing further. Gynaecological cancers is on the rise in the impoverished subcontinents of the world. If left unchecked Asia and Africa would be facing a pandemic which could jeopardise the monetary productivity, ending up in a huge social burden to the affected countries. Innovative modes of administration outsmarting the conventional oral and parental modes are in the pipeline for targeted delivery.


Global scenario shows 100+ nanomedicines are in the clinical trials (Bionest partners 2013). This cutting edge technology platform minimises the side effects and has a greater potential for targeted delivery.


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Center of Excellence for Advanced Research in Fluid Flow (CARIFF) - University Malaysia Pahang
  • Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center (DVAC)
  • Utah State University
  • University of California at Irvine
  • Iowa State University
  • Periyar Technology Business Incubator - Periyar Maniammai University
  • Tanbio R&D Solutions
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